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House smells of wonderful vegetable stock. 112oz here for the freezer in 16oz containers. Each frozen block will then make 32oz of vegetable stock. Most likely we will use it for soups this winter. We always have a bag in the freezer for vegetable scraps. It doesn’t take too long to fill it up and then follow this recipe:

August Crop wrap up pictorial

Still going strong

The braggot took off and is bubbling away still. Changed the ice jug, still around 60-62F, just where I like to ferment at. Nice fat Krausen. Looks like we’re sailing with Admiral Nelson today. Very cloudy wort, hope it clears up. I’ll probably give this one a month in the primary. If I don’t see clearing near the end of that, I’ll bring out the gelatin.

Rice/Corn beer questions

Wifey loves those Smirnoff Ice thingies which in the states do not have vodka in them, they are a malt beverage. They are pretty spendy and limited in flavors so I was thinking on how they could be made.

What if you made a brew with just rice and bottled it without additional flavors. Then you could pour it into a glass with whatever flavor juice or concentrated flavor extract you wanted.

What flavor would the rice beer have using just rice and beer yeast? Would corn impart a flavor? How would you go about trying this? I was thinking a 1 gallon batch for a tester but have no idea even where to start or if it would be worth it. Would some malt be needed, and if so, how little could be used?

If none of this works out I may try flavoring some water beer like Michelob Ultra for her and see if that satisfies my non beer drinking wife.

Any thoughts/experiences out there? (just check your beer snobbery at the door please)


Thar she blows!!! Take 2

Within 1 hour of pitching the braggot onto the fat IPA yeast cake, we have airlock activity. Nice bubbly Krausen too. Should ramp up nicely now. Just cross our fingers that the additional hops in the cake won’t make much of an impact on the braggot. Also, hopefully the transfer of the IPA into a secondary won’t have any impact either.

Lesson learned: Toss a big beer/braggot/whatever onto a fat yeast cake. Next time I’ll brew up a pale ale and use the yeast cake from that.


Call in the BRC!

I’m calling in the Beer Recovery Crew for this batch. Time to rack the IPA off that fat yeast cake and get the braggot onto it to see some activity. I think I’ll omit the spice bag, I imagine sitting in there this long is probably enough.

The plan:
1. IPA racked off into a sanitized bucket, a little yeast in there is fine as it will sit for a few more weeks anyways.
2. Siphon out as much yeast slurry and as few hops as possible into my sanitized 5 gallon glass fermenter.
3. Siphon the braggot onto the yeast slurry.

Question: Do I re-aerate?

Still nothing

Still no signs of activity on the Braggot. Going to give it until tomorrow afternoon. If no activity by then I’m going to rack my IPA off into a secondary and that fat yeast cake onto the braggot. There are a lot of hops in there so I’ll try to remove as much as possible then pour the cake onto the braggot I think.