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Been a long time

The garden overview

Oops, monster cuke.

Pole bean field

Volunteer squash from the compost bin took over the lettuce bed.

Purple bean crop was great!

Hops did ok this year.

Front of the house was taken over by grasses.

This side of the front did better agains the grass.

A friendly garden spider moved in.

Closeup of the garden spider.

Vine borers took their toll. Monster volunteer amaranth, already took 3/4 of the head off for drying.

This summer was not the best for the garden.  I spent most of it fighting and healing from colon cancer.  The weeds took over, the plants went untended, and some harvesting was missed. We still got things and still had wonders come from the garden, just not up to our usual standards.  The yellow jacket nest in the middle of the garden also through us for a loop for a few weeks.  Nasty buggers they are. Here is where we are now that I have had the strength and time to clean it up a bit.

I did save a lot of seeds from what we did get so hopefully we’ll do better next year.

We made sweet bread and butter pickles from an overgrown zuke.

The cut up zuke.

The plum tomatoes produced even after keeling over from too much weight.

This label slipped through the cracks.