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Gold Toe G Collection Review – Bzzagent

Today I tried out the Gold Toe G Collection crew neck tshirts I got from Bzzagent. Comfy t-shirt. The tshirts are tagless, nice touch. However, there is a little black “G” tag on the bottom hem that was a bit irritating to my skin. Fortunately it was easy to take off without damage to the tshirt. The fit was a little on the large size (not a ton, just slightly more than I am used to). I also found the sleeves were a it short; they rode up on my arms while I was working in the yard today. The construction of the tshirt is very good, you can tell these are high quality which is nice for a change for me. The seams are really well thought out; they are hardly noticeable like a lot of tshirts are. I am interested in finding out if these tshirts are available in different colors.If you want a $5 off $25 coupon to use at Khol’s, let me know.

Gold Toe G Collection Review – Bzzagent

So I got a Bzzagent package in the other day for Gold Toe G Collection. I got tshirts and socks. I tried the socks out today. The socks are very soft and comfortable. The designs are nice, I especially liked the argyle ones. And as typical of Gold Toe products, they are very well made. The issue I have with them is the same issue I have with most socks-sizing. Why do sock manufacturers insist that I, a size 9 will fit the same socks as a guy with a size 6 or size 12 shoe? I always end up with the heal half way up my achilles tendon. I like my socks tight fitting against my feet so that’s what I get. If it weren’t for the size issue, I would wear these socks all the time because they were that comfortable. Just a shame about the size.
If you are interested in a $5 off $25 Gold Toe G Collection purchase at Kohls, let me know!

Product Review-Beer Use: Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifer

I went through my first full cycle of a beer in my ferementation chamber (a chest freezer with temperature control) with an . Works great! I usually find 1/2″ to 1″ of water in the bottom of the freezer after a beer is done. Not a single drop, not even any moisture in there. For $20, this is an investment well worth it. Hopefully it works as advertised drying out by plugging it in. The unit is made out of heavy plastic and looks to be very durable. It comes with a hook to hang it, I hooked it around the glass one gallon carboy I use as a blowoff. There are no batteries or plugs to deal with, the beads inside the unit absorb moisture. The say the beads will last 10 years and there is a 5 year warranty on the unit. This model is supposed to handle 500 cubic feet of area so it is quite a bit of overkill for the space inside a chest freezer; however with the ferment going with warm air and liquids, it is a pretty humid environment so overkill is probable best. The unit is oval in shape, about 8″ long, 6″ high and a couple inches thick so it is easy to fit wherever you need it.

There is the unit in my freezer, hooked on the 1 gallon jug.

I give this product 5 out of 5 hop cones.