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You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 6-30-12


You Make Your Own Food? Mozzarella time!

Made some mozzarella cheese for homemade pizza tonight.

The ball. I probably could have stretched it a little longer, but it was good still.

It sliced nicely.

Ready for pizza!

I reheated the whey with some vinegar and have poured it through a colander lined with paper towels for a little ricotta. Some of the whey went into the dough. The rest will be used in smoothies and whatever other cooking we can find for it.

Winning! A Red Gold Tomatoes Apron.

Winning! Electronics cover

If you want this, let me know and I will send you the code.

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 6-27-12-The squashes are coming! The squashes are coming!

A lot more of these coming in the next week or so.

You Grow Your Own Food? Garden Tour 6-24-12


Tomatoes and Potatoes

Tomatoes are flowering

Potatoes are flowering

Volunteer turnip growing well

Cucumbers are really small but blossoming. I hope I get enough to pickle some.

Looks like this year will be a good one for summer squashes, lots of blossoms and squashes forming.

Lots of Amaranth blossoming

Scallop squash

Volunteer potatoes

Baby squashes everywhere


Wildflower beds