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There will be stuffies

You Make Your Own Food? Mozzarella time!

Made some mozzarella cheese for homemade pizza tonight.

The ball. I probably could have stretched it a little longer, but it was good still.

It sliced nicely.

Ready for pizza!

I reheated the whey with some vinegar and have poured it through a colander lined with paper towels for a little ricotta. Some of the whey went into the dough. The rest will be used in smoothies and whatever other cooking we can find for it.

Now that’s what I call a SUPPAH!

Fried: tater chips, pickles, broccoli, and fresh bluefish

The Yellow and Black Attack-No, not Stryper.

The dandelions are out so that means I am gathering them. It’s a slow start, I like when there are so many I can site down and fill a bucket from where I sit. Soon. I’m not sure where these will end up; dandelion mead, dandelion wine, dandelion jelly, dandelion tea, dandelion cookies, maybe a dandelion beer. Someday I plan on planting a bed of them and bring them into our diet regularly.

What my fingers look like after processing dandelion heads.

Small harvest for this early in the season.

The petals separated from the stems.

You Make Your Own Food? – More Apple Processing: Apple Chips

Slice the apples, then give them a bath in water and lemon juice to keep from browning.

Lay them out on the trays and set the food dehydrator to 135F and wait.

You Make Your Own Food? – New Years Eve means Homemade Chinese Food…almost

We usually do Chinese Food for New Years Eve, but this year we’ve added a twist. We’re doing Chinese Inspired Food. Stuffing things in wontons!

Have fun, but keep it safe!

Wontons with: meatballs, sauce, and cheese; shrimp rangoon; spinach, mushrooms, ricotta cheese

Wontons with: spinach, ricotta cheese; pepperoni, pizza sauce and cheese; pizza sauce and cheese

Buffalo chicken dip, aka soupy crack-not for me thanks, all Sarah's

Mix for eggrolls

Assembled eggrolls

Leftover cabbage will become sauerkraut

Chicken in scratch teriyaki sauce

You Make Your Own Foods? Process day 10/15/11

Busy afternoon processing foods to put in storage. We made applesauce, apple peel and core jelly, started fermenting apple peel and core cider vinegar, roasted squash, and saved squash seeds for toasting today. Kitchen was a disaster but well worth it.

Grand Totals
Apple Jelly
5 jelly jars
6 pints
6 quarts
7 quarts
Apple Cider Vinegar
To be determined
Roasted Squash
2 quart bags pureed
big bowl waiting to be pureed
3 acorn squash frozen halfs

Roasted Squash


Apple Jelly

Apple peels and cores ready for gift 2 then 3

Squash Seeds

Apple Cider Vinegar

A full stovetop!

Apple Jelly

No artificial colors added

Applesauce in front of the jelly

All natural applesauce, nothing but apples and water