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The Yellow and Black Attack-No, not Stryper.

The dandelions are out so that means I am gathering them. It’s a slow start, I like when there are so many I can site down and fill a bucket from where I sit. Soon. I’m not sure where these will end up; dandelion mead, dandelion wine, dandelion jelly, dandelion tea, dandelion cookies, maybe a dandelion beer. Someday I plan on planting a bed of them and bring them into our diet regularly.

What my fingers look like after processing dandelion heads.

Small harvest for this early in the season.

The petals separated from the stems.

Busy Day-Task Three: International Lasagna

Finally got a chance to make our recipe idea: International Lasagna. It is a lasagna using all kinds of different nationalities. It has in it:
Corn Tortilla
Kale (from the garden)
Ricotta with egg, Mexican cheese blend, and Sazon spice
Black Beans
Diced Tomatoes
Taco Sauce

The cheese mixture. Ricotta, egg, kale, Mexican cheese blend, and one packet of Sazon spices.

Browning up the ground linguica.

First layer of corn tortilla "noodles".

Black beans and diced tomatoes added to the linguica...and another packet of Sazon of course!

First Layer of meat.

More "noodles"

Layer of cheese.

Final layer topped with Mexican cheese blend.

Side shot

Too bad there weren't scents on the internet.



Side shot

The results.
VERY GOOD…but a little lacking on the flavor. We added taco sauce and it made it perfect. So next time, another packet of Sazon in the cheese, maybe chorico instead of the linguica, and some picante sauce in between layers. Definitely another go at this recipe is warranted!

Harvesting Yeast Experiment

J ust attempted to harvest yeast from a Dogfish Head 120 and Goose Island Sophie. I believe the DFH is Wyeast 1187, Ringwood Ale. I have no idea what Goose Island is but it is a Saison yeast.

What I did:

Boiled three baby food jars and caps. Took jars out full of water with boiled tongs. Scooped water into jars to overflowing with boiled tongs. Put caps onto jars with boiled tongs. Screwed caps on and let them cool down. I put them in the fridge later.

Why? Sterilize the jars and get water with low oxygen concentration to make sleepy yeasts.

As soon as I poured the beer out into a mug (save the last couple swigs with all the yeast dregs), I placed a wine sampler cork onto the top and put the bottle back into the fridge.

Uncapped two baby food jars with water. Uncorked beer bottles. Poured one baby food jar into the beer then a few extra splashes from the second baby food jar. Swirled the water in the beer bottle. Dumped the beer bottle contents into the baby food jar, overflowing it. Screwed the baby food jar cap on. Placed into the fridge.

We’ll see what happens. The Sophie is pale cloudy and the DFH is yellow cloudy so there is definitely yeasts in there.
Here is the Ringwood.

Here is the unknown Sophie.