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The beer that keeps on giving

Tried something new with my beers.  I brewed up a Strong Oatmeal Stout then sourmashed the spent grains for a second beer.  I put the blowoff from the Oatmeal Stout into one port of my carboy cap on the sour beer and let the krauzen transfer at will in hopes that it would kick off the second beer.  I knew it succeeded when I came downstairs to find the airlock on the sour beer full of krausen.  So not only did the Oatmeal Stout provide the grains for the second beer, the leftover hops from the packets, the extra oatmeal from the package, but it also provided the yeasties!  Not bad for $2 extra in ingredients.  And because my sour beers are typically 48 hours after the first beer, this method could be used for most of them.

So if you are keeping tracked, in the sour beer we have Partigyle, sour mash, and top cropping.

Strong Oatmeal Stout recipe

  • 10# 2-row
  • 2# toasted oats
  • 1/2# chocolate malt
  • 1/2# roasted barley
  • 1.5 oz East Kent Goldings 5% @ go minutes
  • 0.75 oz Fuggles 4.5% @ 20 minutes
  • 90 minute mash @152F
  • 90 minute boil
  • London Ale yeast
  • OG 1.075

Sour Beer recipe

  • Oatmeal stout mash
  • 1# Maris Otter
  • 1/2# oatmeal
  • ~.25 gallons Oatmeal Stout wort
  • 0.25 oz Fuggles 4.5% @60 minutes
  • 0.50 oz East Kent Goldings 5% @60 minutes
  • OG 1.022

Busy Day-Task Three: International Lasagna

Finally got a chance to make our recipe idea: International Lasagna. It is a lasagna using all kinds of different nationalities. It has in it:
Corn Tortilla
Kale (from the garden)
Ricotta with egg, Mexican cheese blend, and Sazon spice
Black Beans
Diced Tomatoes
Taco Sauce

The cheese mixture. Ricotta, egg, kale, Mexican cheese blend, and one packet of Sazon spices.

Browning up the ground linguica.

First layer of corn tortilla "noodles".

Black beans and diced tomatoes added to the linguica...and another packet of Sazon of course!

First Layer of meat.

More "noodles"

Layer of cheese.

Final layer topped with Mexican cheese blend.

Side shot

Too bad there weren't scents on the internet.



Side shot

The results.
VERY GOOD…but a little lacking on the flavor. We added taco sauce and it made it perfect. So next time, another packet of Sazon in the cheese, maybe chorico instead of the linguica, and some picante sauce in between layers. Definitely another go at this recipe is warranted!

Busy Day-Task Two: Toasted Seeds

After processing the squash, we toasted the seeds.

The seeds after seprating from the squash mush.


The seeds being plumped in a salt water bath.


Tray of seeds ready for toasting with a coating of butter and seasoned salt.


The second tray ready to go.


All toasted and ready for eating. Mmmm

Busy Day-Task One: Squash

All kinds of squash. Some of these are summer squash that weren't processed into puree.

Today we took care of the squash from our garden.  A variety of pumpkin and winter squash, this was processed into puree which will be frozen in 4 cup freezer bags.  Sarah uses this for pumpkin cookies and cakes throughout the year.  With so much this year, we may look for some new recipes to try as well.


Some more squash, also not pureed.


I cut and peeled the squash, saved the seeds for toasting.


Squash in the boil.


Running the squash through the food processor.


Packaged up for the freezer. Got 9 bags at 4 cups each.

Bottle Session #3, Day 3

Bottled up the Zombie Deer Beer tonight.  Interesting flavor with the grapefruit peels. OG 1027 FG 1009.

Bottle Session #2, Day 2

Bottled up the Sour Holiday tonight.  As you can see, a little cloudy still but it has been my experience that it clears up in the bottle.  Another happy Corona bottle.  OG 1032 FG 1006.  Nice and light.

Bottle Session #1 Down

Bottled the Holiday Spice Ale tonight.  Very nice smelling, the sample tasted very good too.  Not as spiced as it smells.  Went from ~1043 to 1012.  I say approximate because I do not trust the refractometer down to the thousandths place based on experience.  I just use it to get a ballpark on OG and FG. Going to try to get the sour beer from this bottled tomorrow night.  Also washed the yeast from the Holiday Spice, it was London Ale that will be used for an Oatmeal Stout.

Busy busy busy

Isn’t it funny how about 1 month of a flurry of brewing, a flurry of bottling is required?

On deck for bottling:

  • Holiday Spice Ale (London Ale Yeast to be rinsed)
  • Sour Holiday Ale
  • OktoberFAST (Fat yeast cake for a RIS)
  • Zombie Deer Beer
  • Apfelwein

On deck for brewing:

  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Sour or small beer from Oatmeal Stout
  • Russian Imperial Stout
  • Sour or small beer from RIS

I’d love to get a digital temperature controller so I could try my hand at a Doppelbock in November just in time for February/March drinking.  So many “to brew”s on my list, I’m contemplating small batches.  Either that, or hope for more Southcoast Homebrewer’s Association members and start splitting batches.

Zombie Deer Beer Label