Earl Grey Cinnamon Braggot-8-26-09

I’ve been wanting to brew a spice beer for some time but haven’t found a recipe I liked. I just happened to have some honey and a can of LME so a braggot came up as an idea. I searched and searched for good recipes and finally came upon Daniel Eskridge’s blog of his braggot adventures. Amongst his pages I found his Earl Grey Cinnamon Braggot recipe. I love Earl Grey Tea so I thought this is my recipe!
Here is Daniel’s original recipe (http://www.wrongresult.com/homebrew/index.php?showimage=75)

Ingredient List

  • 125 oz of water
  • 1 lb light liquid malt extract
  • 1.5 lb clover honey
  • 4 sticks of cinnemon
  • 2 bags of Earl Grey Tea
  • 4 cloves
  • 1/2 packet Nottingham Ale Yeast
  • 1 Tbs Czech Saaz Hop Pellets
  • A small pinch of Fermax


  1. I brought the water up to boiling and steeped the teabags in it
  2. When the tea cooled to 160 degrees, I dropped in the crushed cinnamon and cloves (crushed via a ziplock bag and a rolling pin)
  3. I then stirred gently as a I added the liquid malt extract, then the honey
  4. I brought the temperature back up to 160, added the hops, and heated for 45 more minutes, then dropped the brewpot in a cold water bath to rapidly bring the temperature down. This was to pastuerize the must.
  5. While waiting for the must to cool, I rehydrated the yeast in water then added a bit of must and fermax after fifteen minutes or so.
  6. Using a long handle spoon I fished out a bit of cinnamon and cloves and put it in the carboy.
  7. I poured the must into the carboy through a strained funnel. This filtered out most, but not all, of the hops and cinnemon.
  8. I then added the yeast to the carboy and capped it off with an airlock

My ingredients were a little larger so I scaled it up for 3 gallons. Here is what I did:

Ingredient List

  • 3 gallons of water
  • 3.3 lb light liquid malt extract
  • 5 lb clover honey
  • 12 sticks of cinnemon
  • 6 bags of Earl Grey Tea
  • 12 cloves
  • 1 packet Nottingham Ale Yeast
  • 1 0z Czech Saaz Hop Pellets


  1. Heated up a couple gallons of water in one pot and set my honey and malt so they would pour easier.
  2. Brought 2 gallons of water to a boil and turned off the heat.
  3. Put 6 bags Earl Grey Tea bags into the water and steeped until the temperature fell to 160F.
  4. Put cinnamon sticks and cloves into a grain bag and crushed them with a marble rolling pin. Put the cinnamon and cloves into my hop sock.
  5. Poured LME and Honey into the pot and stirred until dissolved.
  6. Added heat until I reached 160F while stirring to keep malt from scorching.
  7. Added 1 oz Saaz hops to hop sock and started 45 minute timer.
  8. Brought temperature to approximately 170F and turned flame off. Maintained temperature between 160F and 180F for the 45 minutes. Required flame on a few times.
  9. Took my immersion chiller out of a bucket of sanitizer that covered it and chilled the must down below 70F.
  10. Put my hop sock over the fermentation bucket and poured the must into the bucket, pitched the yeast, secured the lid and airlock and aerated by rocking the bucket.
  11. Placed in a swamp cooler in my basement.

OG: 1.070 @ 177F = 1.098 @60F.
Smells awesome and tastes awesome!

The ingredients.

Liquifiying the honey and liquid malt extract.

The cinnamon and cloves.

Tea bags in.

Looks and smells like Earl Grey tea.

Honey and malt dissolved, cinnamon and cloves in.

The hops in my hop sock.

Hold the temperature for 45 minutes.

Hops and spices in my hop sock waiting for the must.

Chilling the must.

Tucked away in a swamp cooler in the basement.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Probably time to do an update on this. The braggot was very harsh for a very long time and the spices overpowered it all. It has tamed down quite a bit now. I would reduce the spice and increase the tea if I were to do this again. I am not convinced braggot would be the best way to get the Earl Grey the way I want to taste it. I am thinking a pale ale may be the better way.


  2. Tasting Notes 10/26/11

    Appearance: bright coppery amber with a tint of orange. 1 finger head of fine, thick bubbles. Amazing lacing. Very brilliant, no cloudiness at all.

    Smell: big cinnamon, boozy, faint orange, alcohol stings the nose slightly

    Taste: candy sweet upfront, caramelly and toasty in the middle, light cinnamon in the end.

    Mouthfeel: thin, oily, big carbonation bite, alcohol heat after swallowing

    Drinkability: Not a quaffer. There is a lot of flavor in this braggot but it doesn’t blow away your taste buds.

    Overall: This is finally coming around to be enjoyable. The flavors are melting together and the alcohol bite has dropped down finally.

    I’d do this with a bit more Earl Grey and less cinnamon next time, perhaps more grains and less honey too. Not major increases/decreases just slight adjustments.


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