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Garden 2011


Things are starting to perk up garden wise. The hops are starting to poke through. The turnips that overwintered are starting to green up. And the seedlings are starting to take form. Tonight I start my tomatoes, eggplant, cayenne peppers, and stevia. A few straggler seedlings are in my coffee filter germinators will go to soiless medium tonight too.


Peas are sprouting

Turnips overwintered

Under the bright lights

Under the bright lights


I got just over 1/2 ounce when dried. I “vacuum” packed them in a baggie by inserting a straw in the corner of the bag and sucking all the air I could out of the bag, then quickly sealed it as I removed the pinched straw. Only need it until next week sometime when I will add these into my Haus Pale Ale recipe ready to brew.

Hops Harvest

There they are, all the way near the top of the bines.

Nice cones.

The harvesting tool. Unfortunately, something cut the twine earlier in the season and dropped all my bines. I had a setup that would have allowed me to lower and raise the bines but never got to use it.

Success. The bines are down and ready for harvest.

1.5 oz (wet) of cascades. Not bad for first year bines.

I read that you can make rhizomes out of bines, so I’m giving that a shot with some of the side shoots.