Rice/Corn beer questions

Wifey loves those Smirnoff Ice thingies which in the states do not have vodka in them, they are a malt beverage. They are pretty spendy and limited in flavors so I was thinking on how they could be made.

What if you made a brew with just rice and bottled it without additional flavors. Then you could pour it into a glass with whatever flavor juice or concentrated flavor extract you wanted.

What flavor would the rice beer have using just rice and beer yeast? Would corn impart a flavor? How would you go about trying this? I was thinking a 1 gallon batch for a tester but have no idea even where to start or if it would be worth it. Would some malt be needed, and if so, how little could be used?

If none of this works out I may try flavoring some water beer like Michelob Ultra for her and see if that satisfies my non beer drinking wife.

Any thoughts/experiences out there? (just check your beer snobbery at the door please)


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