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Fichin’ not catchin’ but still feedin’

Went fichin’ with the boy at the Canal today. We were still fishermen, not catchermen. But next to us a guy hauled in a few. His last one while we were there was a keeper. He asked Justin if he wanted it, which of course was a resounding yes! Feed my family? Yes please! People can be really great sometimes.

The views are just horrible, no?

If the lure ain’t in the water, it can’t catch no fish

Horrible, horrible views.

Just hours after swimming

Something this fresh requires a light hand in the kitchen. We broiled the pickerel. I generously drizzled apfelwein over it and pats of butter. Then I sprinkled it lightly with seasoned salt and a nice coating of romano cheese. Mmmmm.

Thar she blows!

Today my oldest boy caught a State Pin worthy pickerel on our first fishing trip of 2011. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it for a return to her home so we will honor her by eating a tasty pickerel meal tonight.

26", 3# 6.88oz 10" girth