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You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 9-29-12

Beans (snapped already), and tomatoes

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 9-26-12

Lettuce, beans and tomatoes.

The final rhombus pumpkin

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 9-24-12

Beans, tomatoes, and lettuce

You Brew Your Own Beer? BIAB Moravian Pale Ale

Go little enzymes, go forth and convert

The mash

Grains so heavy…

Chickens love spent grains. Chickens give eggs. Little House on the Sand Pit loves eggs. Win win.


All tucked in

Got some miscalculation on this batch. Ended up with an extra gallon which means the OG, ABV, and IBUs will be much lower than planned. Oh well. It will be beer. Serves me right for not brewing for so long. I put the blowoff from the main batch into 2 one gallon jugs. The yeast went in the main, we’ll see if the blowoff can get the overflows stated fermenting as well.

Fichin’ not catchin’ but still feedin’

Went fichin’ with the boy at the Canal today. We were still fishermen, not catchermen. But next to us a guy hauled in a few. His last one while we were there was a keeper. He asked Justin if he wanted it, which of course was a resounding yes! Feed my family? Yes please! People can be really great sometimes.

The views are just horrible, no?

If the lure ain’t in the water, it can’t catch no fish

Horrible, horrible views.

You Grow You Own Food? Winter gardening preparations part 2 – how we built low tunnels

Almost done with the low tunnels, I just have to hay the beds, plant them, and cover with plastic when cold.

Today’s cost: $0

I scavenged some strapping to make the stakes, even took screws off the pieces for some of the clamps, the rest from my random screw jar.

You Grow Your Own Food? – Harvest 9-22-12

The haul

Beans, tomatoes, beets, cayenne

Lettuce, hops I let go too long



A buncha punkins