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You Brew Your Own Beer? Hops harvest 8/26/2011

Got my hops harvested today before the Tropical Storm or Hurricane gets here.


Nice big fat Magnum hop.

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 8/26/2011

Beans, toms, tromboncino, 8ball, acorn, pattypan, winter

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 8/24/2011

Toms, beans, cukes, Tromboncino, sweet meat (too early but it threw itself off the trellis)

Gummy Chickens

I just love the eggs when chickens first learn how to lay.

The structural integrity is slightly off. Who laid a waterballoon?

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 8/22/11 and MORE tomatoes dehydrating

Went out to just pick tomatoes but came back with a few surprises. Got another batch of dehydrated tomatoes going too!

Zukes, cukes, beans, tomatoes.

4 more trays, 2 slicers, 2 cherry

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 8/21/11

Squash, beans, a turnip, and tomatoes.

You Brew Your Own Beer? Erm, wine and mead?

From left to right: New sprouter, dandelion mead, dandelion wine

You Grow Your Own Food?-Harvest 8/20/11

Filled up 3 tray of cherry tomatoes in the dehydrator today. Then picked more!

Drying cherry tomatoes

Beans, cukes, toms.

You Brew Your Own Beer? Erm, Wine? Dandelion Wine, step 2.

The dandelion tea after 3 days

3# sugar, zest of 2 lemons and 1 orange will boil with the tea for 1 hour

The juice and pulp will go in after the boil once cool, yeast and nutrient go in

You Grow Your Own Food? 8/16/11 Harvest

Tomatoes, beans and a cuke.