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You Brew Your Own Beer? Hops harvest 8/26/2011

Got my hops harvested today before the Tropical Storm or Hurricane gets here.


Nice big fat Magnum hop.

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 8/26/2011

Beans, toms, tromboncino, 8ball, acorn, pattypan, winter

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 8/24/2011

Toms, beans, cukes, Tromboncino, sweet meat (too early but it threw itself off the trellis)

Gummy Chickens

I just love the eggs when chickens first learn how to lay.

The structural integrity is slightly off. Who laid a waterballoon?

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 8/22/11 and MORE tomatoes dehydrating

Went out to just pick tomatoes but came back with a few surprises. Got another batch of dehydrated tomatoes going too!

Zukes, cukes, beans, tomatoes.

4 more trays, 2 slicers, 2 cherry

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 8/21/11

Squash, beans, a turnip, and tomatoes.

You Brew Your Own Beer? Erm, wine and mead?

From left to right: New sprouter, dandelion mead, dandelion wine