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You Grow Your Own Food? A light day

I had a light day in the garden today. I didn’t enter the jungle to harvest anything, I’ll go in tomorrow. But I did get some things done.

Chocolate mint

Chocolate mint rinsed and ready to dry

I'm trying out a tea from the chocolate mint stems, what's to lose?

Mini harvest of some tomatoes while I clipped some marigold heads for seed drying

You Brew Your Own Beer? Wait, no, wine.

Dandelion must, soon to be wine.

You Brew Your Own Beer? Dampfbier bottle day and Mead!

Dampfbier making a Land Shark bottle happy

Dandelion mead racked onto golden raisins for a bit.

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 8/11/2011

Squash, cukes, beans, tomatoes

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 8/8/11

Cukes, tomatoes, beans

You Grow Your Own Food? Harvest 8/6/11

Tomatoes, beans, cukes, squash

You Brew Your Own Beer?: You can’t Wax Off if you don’t Wax On

I finally got the wax on my bottles of RIS that I am going to age for 5, well 4 years now sampling every June 22nd (ish) until then. I hope this helps them age that long. It wasn’t hard to do. I just got the water boiling and the wax melted. Then I inverted a bottle, swirled it around in the wax, lifted straight up until it stopped dripping, inverted it and set it on a newspaper. I did a second dip on each bottle to make sure I got a good seal.

The wax

I used a double boiler to melt the wax

Unsuspecting bottles waiting for wax

All dressed up and no place to go but in the cellar

Should work for long term aging

You Grown Your Own Food? 8/4/11 Harvest

Kohlrabi and Beets

More basil about to be turned into pesto

You Grow Your Own Food? 8/3/11 harvest

Tomatoes, cukes, beans, Tromboncino squash