RIP Mr. Bradbury

Rest in peace Ray Bradbury. I lift my glass of dandelion wine in remembrance of all the time I have spent reading your work over the years. May your eternity be as sweet as dandelion wine.

2011 Dandelion Wine

Smells sweet yet earthy, a bit of an alcohol nose still (it is sill a bit young).
Looks coppery yellow, very clear.
Tastes really interesting. It is a bit hot still, but not overly hot. Warms your throat delayed after swallowing. The taste is hard to put a finger on, it is sweet and has a flower taste, maybe a little citrus.
I have no idea how it is supposed to taste. This was a small bottle, I’ll let the other bottles rest until August at least to give it 1 year age and give it a try again. But I will enjoy this bottle pretty well.


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