A smaller flock – Goodbye Dinner

Yesterday we gave our first rooster away. We have 6 hens, and two roosters were one too many. We decided to give away the larger of the roos (the kids named him Dinner when he was a chick) because he was really doing a number on the hens. We had to make saddles and he would rip them off. He was a really big bird and beautiful rooster. It as a semi-difficult decision, we raised him from chick afterall. I remember he was the aggressive chick that would peck at me but run away when my hand got near him. He was skittish, but if you picked him up, he would be calm. He had a big, loud crow and he owned the chicken coop. If he hadn’t frostbit his comb on the roof, we would have had the kids show him for 4H. But he did stifle the other roo. He wouldn’t let him crow and the smaller roo only got the hens after the big one had a go at them first. He will be happy though, he is going to a farm in Berkley with a lot of chickens and other roosters to free range. I wish we could free range our flock, but there are too many dogs and cats around here. Our other roo started crowing this morning for the first time. A pathetic attempt, but he will grow into it. He is also making the adjustment to the top of the pecking order, keeping his girls in line.

Dinner, strutting his stuff.

Gavin saying goodbye.

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  1. Goodbye Dinner…


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