Bad News

My son has ADHD-bad. My little brother had it bad too so it isn’t surprising. Many people don’t believe in ADHD. I agree that there is probably over-diagnosis with many children who don’t have ADHD being diagnosed with it. But believe me, my son has it. The difference when he is on his medicine and when he is not is night and day with him. You want to throttle him when he is off.
One thing that has bothered me is that his medicine is Adderall which is an amphetamine. They put young children on this. My brother was on Ritalin and my parents fought to move him onto lesser medication when he got older. We started that battle too. Our Dr. suggested Strattera. One issue with Strattera is that is can affect the length between heartbeats, called QT length. So before children go on it, they run an EKG at the pediatrician’s office. My son did his. BAD NEWS.
The Dr was concerned with the QT length he had already so immediately contacted a Children’s Hosptial branch for an appointment with a children’s heart specialist. Scared.
At Children’s they were really concerned about his QT length and said he had Long QT Syndrome. Looked it up. SCARED. They want to put him on a 24 hour heart monitor. Ordered him to immediately be taken off all medication. And ordered him to go to Boston Children’s Hospital.
So off his meds, we want to both throttle him and hug him at the same time. It will be a trying week until he goes to Children’s. If I could take his place I would. Cross your fingers for him, and if you pray, we’d appreciate the thoughts. Hopefully his medications did this and taking him off will reverse it all and he is a normal, healthy boy.

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  1. Posted by Sally on April 8, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Justin is in our prayers with fingers crossed! Keep the faith and stay involved.


  2. So sorry to hear this, guys. I am hoping for the best! Just remember that we have some of the best hospitals in the world here and that he will be in good hands for sure. Hang with him and let him know that it will be ok (even if you want to throttle him).


  3. Posted by Louis on October 1, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    I had ADHD and my Daughter has ADHD so I understand your pain, My daughter is on a time release version of Ritalin and it seems to work very well. I hope your son is doing well.


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