Applesauce and Scrumpy.

My wife purchased a huge box of bruised apples for next to nothing, so we have started processing them. Today I made spiced applesauce out of 10 pounds of them. I picked out 10 pounds of Jazz Apples Jazz Apples for this batch. I peeled then cored them, saving everything. I used this Recipe Spiced Apple Sauce loosely and filled some saved cans as well as standard canning jars. This won’t last long and some will be given away so we chose saved cans so we don’t worry about getting them back. I then took the peels and cores and ran them through the food processor and placed them in a stainless steel pot with some water, a handful of raisins, and some washed English Ale yeast I had. I don’t know what the OG is and won’t measure the FG so I won’t know the ABV. It hopefully will come out as a light and tasty ciderish beverage and it cost $0.

The big box of apples we got for pennies a pound. A mix of Jazz, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Empire.

My apple peeler.

My apple corer.

Apples in the pot ready for some heat.

The peels and cores.

Sugar and spices added to the cooked apples.

Hand mixer smoothing out the applesauce.

The jars getting ready for applesauce.

Filling up the jars.

Washed English Ale yeast, shaken up.

Running the peels and cores in the food processor for the scrumpy.

The finished applesauce, cooling. We lost one jar that didn't seal but opened in the water bath. The remaining survived and all the lids popped down.

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