You Brew Your Own Beer? Simple free tip.

I thought of this one day as I replaced the bottle on our water cooler in the office. Why not use the caps they come with on my carboys at home? After you clean the carboy, this will keep spiders, dust, etc out. There are three pieces to these Poland Springs caps: the white plastic larger piece, a foam donut shaped piece inside the cap, and a harder plastic blue piece (I’d guess this must be some sort of air release). The blue center looks like it could easily be hacked to fit an airlock too so you may be able to skip buying a stopper if you want. You could probably use the cap after fermentation for lagering or aging. Since it is all plastic, cleaning and sanitizing is easy too.

The cap. When you take it off the bottle, there is usually a plastic flap you cut off to leave just this.

The cap snaps right onto my glass carboys.

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