Sick of Junk Products – Hormel Black Label Bacon – Positive Response

This is the first in a series of posts regarding substandard products we fell we have wasted our money on. There are far too many products out there that are just not worth the money spent and we are tired of wasting our money on them. When we purchase a product and the quality does not match the cost, we will complain to company and post the response. Important! We are not making up false complaints in an effort to get free stuff, we only complain when we feel we are justified when a product does not live up to the reputation it should. Please don’t take this idea and make up false claims to get free stuff yourself.

First Up: Hormel Black Label Bacon

We purchased two packages of Hormel Black Label Bacon to make appetizers for our church potluck. The recipe was basically flattened bread with a filling and wrapped up in bacon. The bacon was mostly fat with little meat. SNEAKY PACKAGING! The way they packaged the bacon, you could not tell it was so fatty until you opened it up. I wish we took pictures of the bacon but it had to be 5-10% meat, the rest fat. We’ve had Hormel plenty of times and it is usually ok so it was probably a batch thing. I will say I am very disappointed in bacon in general lately as most brands are mostly fat. In my opinion, bacon quality has gone downhill fast in recent years. Once we get a smoker built, we hope to be making our own to avoid lousy bacon. So I wrote to Hormel. It was a form on their website and I didn’t keep a copy of what I wrote but this is their response:

Mr Schluter,
Thank you for contacting us with your comments regarding your recent purchase of HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® Bacon.
We regret this product did not meet your expectations. By taking the time to contact us, you have allowed us the opportunity to investigate this situation. Your report has already been sent to our production and quality control personnel for their review.
Please look for a complimentary certificate to be sent via mail.
We value you as a consumer and hope you will continue to purchase our products with confidence.

Consumer Response
Ref # 2133033

We later received a copy or $5.00 off any product. Good job Hormel, we hope our next purchase of Black Label Bacon is better.


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