You Make Your Own Beer? – Angel Over My Shoulder brew 2011: Sassafras Spruce Porter BIAB

The wort was nestled, all snug in its bed.

Nice looking mash

My BIAB rig

How I squeeze the wort from my grains. Twist the bag and press it into the colander with a pan lid.

Boil started

Spruce tips and sassafras roots in a hop sock

We pulled some of the spent grain to make granola, it tastes good with the chocolate malt.

Night brewing is beautiful

So many more colors than daytime

The Angel Over My Shoulder arrived as always in the form of my lone star in the sky.

Watching daddy do all this work makes the Gavinator sleepy

Boil done, great color!

Look, Marc brought some of his friends

Visions of spruce tips dance in the wort's head

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