You Grow Your Own Food?: Carrots! Sorta.

Progress on carrots…a little. We at least got a crop this year. We had trouble in the beginning of the season with grass taking over the beds. It was hard to weed without pulling carrots too. It got away from us but I whacked the weeds back as much as I could. The greens on the carrots took off in one bad so we hoped we would get a good crop. The other bed, right next to it had hardly any greens. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. We want lots and lots of carrots but barely get enough to eat all at once. We planted Tendersweet, Navarino, Salsify, Parisian Carrot, Fakir Parsley, and crème Delite. When you look at that list the crop is disappointing. Any suggestions from experience or diagnosis from the pictures will be greatly appreciated.

Here they all are.

Far left one must have hit a rock. Note some decent size carrots. All from same bed. The white ones are all we got from that packet of seed.

A few good sized ones, then some runts.

Then the really tiny ones. There was a handful even smaller than this not worth anything at all.

Close up for size.

A shot of the greens, nice looking.

This is what we want a lot of.


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  1. Carrots have never been my strong point, but I’m determined that next year, all that will change…


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