2+ year old Earl Grey Cinnamon Braggot tasting

Tasting Notes 10/26/11 Brewed 8/26/09

Appearance: bright coppery amber with a tint of orange. 1 finger head of fine, thick bubbles. Amazing lacing. Very brilliant, no cloudiness at all.

Smell: big cinnamon, boozy, faint orange, alcohol stings the nose slightly

Taste: candy sweet upfront, caramelly and toasty in the middle, light cinnamon in the end.

Mouthfeel: thin, oily, big carbonation bite, alcohol heat after swallowing

Drinkability: Not a quaffer. There is a lot of flavor in this braggot but it doesn’t blow away your taste buds.

Overall: This is finally coming around to be enjoyable. The flavors are melting together and the alcohol bite has dropped down finally.

I’d brew this again with a bit more Earl Grey and less cinnamon next time, perhaps more grains and less honey too. Not major increases/decreases just slight adjustments.

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