Pesto Time

We make pesto with most of our basil. We freeze it into ice cubes which makes it really easy to use later. We’ll grill one side of a chicken breast, flip it over and plop a pesto cube onto it for the rest of the cook time. Great on salmon too. Can be stirred into hot spaghetti in a skillet for a quick pesto dish.

Below is a pictorial of our process:

Fresh picked Basil, we grow a number of different types

Fill up with basil leaves, more will go in later

Olive oil, pine nuts, and garlic, wing it on the quanitites and adjust later

After giving it a whirl, add more basil and olive oil if it looks too thick

Taste and add garlic, salt, more basil, etc. Keep adding olive oil until the right consistency. When the consistency is right, you get a whirlpool like this

Spoon into ice cube tray, pop into freezer

After frozen, remove them from the trays and store in freezer bags. This is what they look like.


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