Veggie time! Watch your head, lots of pictures.

Some good harvesting and flowering this week!

Still drowing in lettuce...but it is all harvested finally!

Marigold companion for my tomatoes.

Grape tomatoes.

Garden overview

Garden overview


Any brewer's out there recognize this?

Two kholrabi harvested



8 Ball zuke

Squash jungle

8 Ball zuke

Scallop squash

Massive squash leaves

Romanesca squash

Romanesca squash


I always mix flowers in with my veggies

Hops outgrowing their lines.

Hops budding

Tiger lily bed

Wildflower bed in front of house

Sarah's garden

Along front entry walk


The colors are so bright.


Bees doing their job, they love the lavender

Anyone know why flies seem to die on the lavender stems?

Bright yellow

Peas harvest



Peas depodded


2 responses to this post.

  1. I had made a note to remind myself to watch for squash vine borers especially since Id taken the row cover off the kabocha delicata and costata romanesca squash plants when theyd started to blossom and needed to be accessible to pollinators. The delicata and costata romanesca plants weathered this OK but within a few weeks the precious kabocha planted for the second year running from seeds I originally saved from a beautiful squash bought from some farmer friends plants had all withered and perished.


  2. I have buried the stalks of infested squash with some luck in the past. I moved to more resistant squash varieties, those SVB are a pain.


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