Lotsa lettuce

Winding down on the lettuce season finally…but not before a big deluge of lettuce. I cleaned out most of the red leaf bed, about 1/3 of the mesclun bed, and a medium thinning of the green leaf bed. A good deal of peas too…guess nobody told them they aren’t supposed to be here until the 4th of July, this is our 4th harvest! Lesson learned on the peas: do not use tomato cages to hold them up when growing in a lasagna garden. It has always worked in my other beds but I put them in the lasagna bed and they took off! Easily 6 feet in height if stretched out but they are folded over because they outgrew the cages.

Lotsa lettuce washed and dried


Green Leaf

Red Leaf


Aren't they beautiful?

And I’ll be trying my first lager tonight!

Not carbonated enough yet.
Appearance:Beautiful color. You’ll have to wait for when it is ready for a photo.
Smell:Unmistakeable lager smell
Taste:decent malty backbone, light bitter, needs to melt together more and will benefit from carbonation
Mouthfeel:thin, crisp, light, medium dry finish, very refreshing!
Drinkability: very drinkable, a quaffer for sure

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