Rewind Part 2

I forgot a couple of things on my rewind post so I thought I put them up.

Primary only
Don’t bother with a secondary. Later, you may have some more complicated beer that requires a secondary but the vast majority of beers do well with only a primary. The less you handle your beer, the less chance of something going wrong with it, even more so as a beginner.

Give your yeast time to clean up after itself. Yes, you can get a beer into bottles in a couple of weeks. But you have a better chance of putting good beer into those bottles if you let them sit several weeks after fermentation. I try to go 4 weeks from yeast pitch to bottling. I could adjust for different beers but I just keep it simple.

Timed Temperature
If you have difficulty holding your fermentation temperatures, realize you only need to have control for the first stages of fermentation. After a week, the temperature rising won’t matter the yeasts won’t be forming esters after the krausen has settled down. Of course Kolsch, Altbier, and lagers will need the cold later, but even those can be in primary at room temps after the main fermentation is complete.

I don’t keg and I don’t have plans to. If I had a ton of money, I might consider it. But right now, I can go in my cellar and choose from a wide variety of beers. And I can toss together a mix pack to go anywhere at anytime. If I had to have a keg for each one of those types of beers…

I don’t mind bottling at all. I have a process down and it takes me less than 2 hours from start to finish. It is relaxing. I have music or podcasts going and the time breezes by. Kegging also adds another layer, another skill set to master. I’d rather focus on other things for the time being. I can’t afford to get a setup and that is just fine with me.

Don’t worry, be happy
Care about exactly one opinion of your beers: yours. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Sure, it feels good to get compliments on your beers, but in the end, this is your hobby so you are the only one that matters. Everyone’s tastes are different. I love feta cheese, not so many people do. Like feta, if you like your dill pickle ale, then good for you.

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