You brew your own beer-Some of the BMC tricks

Let’s go over some of the tricks BMC brewers use on you.

They brag about “Beechwood aging”. Well, we hear about oak aged beers so what’s the difference besides the type of wood? Oak aged, wine barrel aging, or whiskey barrel aging is done to add dimensions, flavors, aromas to a beer. Beechwood is used for none of those reasons. It has one purpose: surface area for yeast. I’m sure you are picturing Budweiser stored in barrels in a warehouse. Nope. The wood they use are chips that have been boiled to sanitary conditions before the beer ever sees it. When added to the beer, it provides nooks and crannies for the yeast to fall on instead of sitting in a pile on the bottom of the vat. More yeast contact means a quicker ferment and a quicker clean up of off flavors from fermentation. In other words it is all about speeding things up because for Budweiser, time is money. I’d rather let my yeasts take their time cleaning up off flavors.
Also note that they brag about having 5 ingredients: Barley malt, hops, rice, and water. Remember why the rice is in there? Alcohol without flavor or body. Who is the alcoholic again?

Triple Hops Brewed! It has to be good, it has THREE TIMES THE HOPS, right? Nope, no quantities mentioned just a reference to what the majority of beers use for a hop schedule: three additions. I guarantee the amount of hops added to Miller is as low as possible. Money is their #1 priority. Hops are added at the beginning of the boil are for bittering, in the middle for flavor, and at the end for aroma. They went and Registered what is common practice..I won’t go on a rant about how lousy our Patent Office does their job. The irony is in their explanation of their “patent process” steps where step 1 is create flavor (nope, it is create balance with bittering hops to offset malt sweetness), step 2 is develop balance (nope, it is create flavor mid boil), and step 3 is lock-in taste (nope, aroma at the end). Oh well, their version makes a better commercial and that is what matters, right?

And why does BMC advertising always center on taste? Really? You water down the flavor in your beers and you brag about taste? Advertise the truth, “Buy our beer because you’ll be able to drink more of it and get drunk, not full.”

They educate you about beer on their website. Of course they tell you that there are four major ingredients in beer: water, barley, hops, and cereal grains. Cereal grains? Rice and corn! Not major ingredients in beer except in a small group of types of beers like cream ale for example. And Coors is all about a super duper cold process, right? Just plain old lagering which is storing your beer in temperatures just above freezing, something even homebrewers can do. What about that mountain water, has to be a good thing, right? Not always. The truth is beer was a replacement for water which was often tainted. Look up kinderbier for more info.

In closing, I don’t mean to trash BMC beer. I drink it occasionally, but as a last resort. I just hope to make it clear their purpose in brewing their beers. I want you to ask yourself why are you drinking light, fizzy yellow beers? For the enjoyment of having a great tasting drink or to get drunk or a buzz? Maybe next time you are picking up beer, you’ll reach for a Harpoon level beer or a little step up to PBR level.


So, do you guys enjoy these educational posts between beer and homemaking posts? Any topics you’d like to see covered?

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