SMaSH Brew #1 -BIAB Centennial

I finally did a SMaSH brew. What is SMaSH? It stands for Single Malt and Single Hop. This allows you to explore the flavors of one malt and one hop instead of most recipes which use multiple hops and/or hops to combine flavors. For this SMaSH I chose Vienna malt and Centennial Hops with a clean fermenting US-05 yeast.

Vienna Malt:Vienna Malt is a kiln-dried barley malt darker than pale ale malt, but not as dark as Munich Malt. It imparts a golden to orange color and a distinctive toast or biscuit malt aroma to the beer.

Centennial Hops:Centennial imparts a pungent, citrus-like flavor and aroma. This particular “C” hop, however, is good when you are not looking to impart quite the floral aromas that you might find in Cascade.

US-05:This yeast strain was developed from a strain of the ‘Chico’ ale yeast – presumably the same critters in White Labs California Ale (WLP001) and/or Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast. The Fermentis website says that this is “The most famous Ale yeast strain found across America, now available as a ready to pitch dry yeast. Produces well balanced beers with low diacetyl and a very clean, crisp end palate.”

I cheated a little bit, I used some acidulated malt to adjust my mash pH down because I know my water needs it. I also did an acid rest and added gypsum. Don’t tell the BIAB purists, but to do this I used two vessels. I heated 2.5 gallons of water up to 100F and mixed it into the grains for an acid rest 30-40 minutes. I didn’t time it, I just waited around 15 minutes then began heating my remaining water up for the main mash.

Recipe time:
9.5# Vienna
0.25# Acidulated Malt
4-1/8 tsp CaSO4 (~113 ppm Ca)
0.5 oz Centennial First Wort Hop
1 oz Centennial 30 minutes
2.5 oz Centennial 20 minutes
1 tsp Irish Moss 15 minutes
1 oz Centennial Dry Hop for 7 days

This wort smelled great!

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