Are you WIT me?

Got all my stuff for my Clementine Wit.
Ok, here we go wit the plan:

Main Mash
3.5 # Belgian 2 row
.25# acidulated malt

3.19# Raw wheat (ground)
2.5# American 6 row
1.05# Oats (ground)

.5oz Northern Brewer First Wort Hop
.3oz Saaz 30 minute
Zest of 4 clementines 10 minute
1 Tablespoon white flour
.3oz Saaz 5 minute
.5oz Coriander flame out
WLP 400

Water Volumes
Absorption: 10.49# x 0.05 gallons/# = 0.52 gallons
Batch Volume: 5 gallons
Boil Off: 90 minutes x 2 gallons/hr = 3 gallons
Total: 0.52+5+3 = 9.02 gallons
Decoct: try 17 qts (4.25 gallons) / 6.74# = 2.52 qts/gallon (goal 2-3)
Mash: 9.02 gallons – 4.25 gallons = 4.77 gallons

Pot 4.77 gallons and 3.75# of grain for main mash at 122F, set aside
Pot 4.25 gallons and 6.74# of grain for first step at 113F for 15 minutes
Raise to 152F and hold for 15 minutes
Raise to boil and boil for 15 minutes
Add portion (or all) to main mash for target of 155F (direct fire kettle or hold back decoction volume as needed) rest for 45 minutes
Raise to 160F for 15 minutes
Yank the bag pitch first wort hops
Squeeze the bag add liquid to boil kettle check for 8.5 gallons preboil volume adjust as needed
Begin 90 minute boil
30 minute hops
15 minute immersion chiller, flour
10 minute orange zest
5 minute hops
Flame out coriander, chamomile
Chill to 64F
Aerate, pitch yeast

My water adjustments
I want 98 ppm additional Ca and 180 ppm additional Cl
9.02 gallons = 34.14L and CaCl is 27.2% Ca so I need 12.3 grams of CaCl (I’ve spared you the conversions and math)

Now I’ve got to decide if I have time to do it this weekend so I need a starter tomorrow, or wait until next weekend.

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