Brewing Goals

Every once in a while, it pays to step back, look where you’ve been and decide where you want to go in a hobby. I thoroughly enjoy all parts of brewing. From coming up with a decision on what beer to brew, determining and perfecting a recipe, and the actual brew process from fermentation to bottling and conditioning. It has been a very fun journey thus far. Time for another step. I found a very cheap temperature controller and need just a few cheap parts and I’ll get that wired up so I can have better control of my fermentation temperatures PLUS the bonus of being able to control ferment a lager. I’m excited about this new skill to tackle. I also love that I will be making my temperature controller. I’ve also thought about the beers I want to make. I’ve made lists before and some of them have been made, some haven’t and the list keeps changing but that’s the fun part of it.

Beers I’d like to brew (Not in any order):
Foreign Extra Stout
Vienna Lager
Dopplebock (ala Ayinger)
Golden Strong
Kentucky Common
Czech Pilsner
Sticke Altbier
Gose (or Gose-like from my sour mashing)

As you can see, most are beers not easily or cheaply available. I feel that if I put the time in, why not come out the other end with something different? But that’s just my opinion.


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