Niagara Grapes Harvest and Processing.

We harvested my parent’s Niagara grapes yesterday and made juice.  I picked the grapes and collected them in my turkey fryer pan.  Then I separated the good fruits from the stems, leaves, and poor fruit.  I took the fruit and squished them with my hands until I had burst all of them.  I added some water and began boiling them for 1/2 hour, covered and on medium heat.  I put the mush through a sieve, emptied the leftover mush into a ricer run over the sieve, then the mush left in the ricer went into a strainerbag and squeezed all the liquid I could get out of it.  Then I poured the liquid through the strainer bag.  I put the juice in a gallon wine jug in the refrigerator to settle out. We’ll taste it when it settles out to see if it will become juice, jelly, wine, or pyment.

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