Sour Holiday

The 48 mash on the right. Sparge water on the left.

Time for another sour beer.  This time I took the grains from our Holiday Spice Ale and soured them for ~48 hours.  They were 4# aromatic and 4# honey malt.  I pitched 2# Maris Otter and 2 oz Torrified Wheat into the bag, placed it in the cooler, then tossed 2 gallons fo 170F water.  I covered it with Saran Wrap and screwed the lid on.  It sat outside for around 48 hours.

Unwrapping the mash.

Too bad you can't smell the funk.

Looks like a normal brew except the color.

Ready to begin fermentation

I got 1.039 OG from the cooler.

I got 1.024 OG @ 4.5 gallons after the sparge.

I shot for 1.022 OG @ 5 gallons final product so topped up to 7 gallons in my pot.

60 minute boil with 0.5 oz of Glacier Hops.

Last 5 minutes got .25 oz each of Coriander and Grains of Paradise.

Rehydrated Nottingham and basement temperatures without my usual swamp cooler, this is a sour after all.

I may pitch some table sugar in there after high krausen, depending on the smell and what it looks like….ok, it will be on a whim if I do.

Final OG reading into the fermenter: 1.023.


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