Wareham Cranberry Cream Ale

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  1. Posted by Bob on January 6, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    Just found your site. Interesting reading and will continue to check in. Where do you get all your ideas?!!!
    Good luck with your no cancer progress!
    I have a bunch of cranberries frozen, ready to be used.
    Cranberry Cream Ale sounds so good. Just don’t know how many of the berries to use for 5 gal. Do you have a basic recipe that I could look at to get me started.
    Appreciate any help in this area.
    Thanks. Bob


  2. Welcome Bob. Thanks, things are going great on the cancer front, just a matter of time to hit the official cancer free mark at 5 years.
    I like to cook and not always things found in recipe books. I think about flavors and complimentary flavors and sometimes things just pop in my head and I just have to try it.

    This is the basic recipe for the cream ale that was the base for Cranberry:
    I did it exactly as the recipe is since I hadn’t used rice or corn in my beers before.

    I made 11 gallons split between two 5 gallon carboys and one 1 gallon wine jug. I put about a quart freezer bag of cranberries in the wine jug as a secondary two weeks after yeast pitch. It has a hint of cranberry to it, they lend more of a sour note than anything else. I think if I kegged, I’d shoot for cranberry juice additions after killing the yeast via filter or other process. Cranberries and cranberry juice tend to ferment out to rocket fuel, leaving little cranberry flavor.

    Good luck!


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