Cooking food in the ground

This Memorial Day weekend we put perfectly good food underground….and cooked it to yumminess.  We made Bean-Hole Beans and mesquite smoked corn, chicken, hot dogs, venzin sausage, and linquica. 

 Beans soaked overnight and parboiled.

 Beans ready for cooking.

 Bottom of the pit lined with block and rocks.

 Ready to be lit.

 Roaring fire making a good bed of coals.

 Beans ready to go in.

 Coals pushed around the dutch oven.

 Ready to cook some beans.

 Tucked in for the night.

 Smoking away.

 Taking a peek.

 Corn, chicken, venzin sausages, hot dogs, and linguica.

 Digging out the pot.

Digging out the pot.

Pulling the pot out of the ground.

Here is the bean pot out of the ground.  Method of cooking: A (not perfect due to amount of work required).  Recipe:B- (needs to be ramped up in flavor a bit imho)

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