Catching up

It’s been awhile.  Sorry, been a bit busy.  Just wanted to get something in to catchup.  I’ve got two more great beers in the drinking stable and hopefully one more in a few weeks.

Here is my Karankawa Pale Ale. It is in the cellar to drink.
A:light caramel, two finger head.  Very clear.
S:sweet, faint lemon
T:citrusy and sweet in the front, then a light bitter after taste
M:thin, watery, mid carbonation bite
D:light quaffer, would be refreshing on a hot day, nice and flavorful


Here is my Glen Charlie Pond Grapefruit Pale Ale. It is in the cellar to drink.
A:Pale straw yellow, three finger head subsides to one finger of fluffy large bubbles. 
S:sweet, fruity
T:subtle but strong grapefruit flavor.  Not the overly sweet flavor but the sour tangy part.  A little sweet but the tart marries well with the hops bitter at the end.
M:thin, watery, light carbonation bite.
D:VERY drinkable, this would be awesome on a hot day.  A quaffer but be careful it isn’t as light as it tastes. 

Here is the Sumpfhaus Bruan. It is bottle conditioning.


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