Homemade Valentines

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And those of us with kids know that means we have to visit the store to purchase cheap, junky Valentine’s for the kids in class. Not this year.

I had this vision of an easy craft that even our 5 year old can take considerable participation in making. I had been collecting the empty tissue boxes for a while now. I figured there were interesting patterns and it was fairly sturdy cardboard. Just the thing needed for our Valentine.

I took a cookie cutter and traced hearts onto the cardboard. I got 6 hearts per tissue box and had plenty for both classes. The kids cut the hearts out, and I hole punched around the perimeter of each heart. Then the kids laced yarn through the holes, joining the two ends of the yarn in a knot and leaving a tail at the bottom.

The kids wrote messages on the plain side of the heart. Voila! Almost free and pretty fancy Valentine’s Day cards.


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