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Neener neener

B rew in a bag makes cloudy beer “they” said. When it comes to brewing, I don’t listen to what “they” say too much anymore.

This is my Willam’s Notty Blonde Ambition…and yes it tastes as good as it looks. Too bad brew in a bag doesn’t work.

Kombucha soon

The Kombucha tea is ready. It sat for 11 days and I didn’t want to push it any longer. I sanitized four glass iced tea bottle with boiling water. I then put 1/4 cup cranberry grape juice in each glass. Then I funneled in the Kombucha. These will sit for 4 days or so to get some carbonation. Meanwhile, I brewed up some more tea that will become more Kombucha.

Nice looking tea!

And a nice healthy looking mama SCOBY too.

I want candy

Belgians are our next group brew. A hybrid paritgyle style is our plan. We’ll brew a Quad in normal cooler mash tun sparge style and a Tripel in Brew in a Bag style. Second runnings from both styles will be combined for a third beer, a Dubble. In preparation for our brew next week, we made sugars tonight. Not exactly sure which will be used in what beer yet, but we made them,enjoyed each other’s company and drank some good brews. The two recipes we used are:

Caramel Syrup
Candy Syrup

Definitely not hard. A lot more fun with a group.

The inverted sugar is on the left, the caramel is on the right.

The caramel finished a lot quicker than the candy syrup. Bring it up to temp and watch for the color change. Add water to thin and that’s it.

It took a long time for the candy sugar to reach temps. It tastes a little burnt to me, hints of molasses.

Here are the batches. The far left is the caramel, the other two are the double batch of candy syrup.