I love it when things you are told can’t be done…are done. Today we did a hybrid partigyle. We got 1.5 beers each out of two mash tuns..and possibly an additional beer out of each tun…more later.

Our goal:

  • Quadrupel OG (preboil) 1.054 Hit OG 1.092
  • Tripel OG (preboil) 1.057 Hit OG 1.073
  • Dubble OG (preboil) 1.043 Hit OG ???? (I think it was 1.024)

Not bad at all. I shot for 60% efficiency and I think we got that and then some. I’ll go through the numbers and see if I can figure it out. I started diluting the tripel and concentrating the dubbel by swapping quarts between the two when our quad guy decided he wasn’t going to do that for whatever reason so I stopped. I think we could have hit pretty close to our three targets with dilution and concentration. The brew in a bag absorbed a lot less grain so the dubbel sparge water from my dunk was a lot more than the 3.4 gallons we shot for. Because of this less sparge was required of the cooler mash tun system. So we thought…why not get another beer out of that? A 24 hour sour mash is what we went with. So I thought, I’ve got 24 pounds of grains, why can’t I get something decent with that too? In went 1.5 gallons of 162F water, hoping for a sour mash of whatever volume to be made tomorrow. I’ve got some cascade hops to go in, hopefully it will be small volume so I can hop it adequately.

Tripel on the right, dubble on the left.

The milled grains..Greg has a block with milling grains…we’re not sure what is up.

Doughing in. Lots more dough balls than I am used to.

The Brew in a Bag mash.

The sparge mash.

I really wish I was able to lift the 23 pounds of wet grain. Brew in a Bag just doesn’t seem to work.

I squeezed the bag into a rubbermaid bin and sparged our water over the grains for the dubbel. Worked pretty well.

Greg’s brewstand.

The down time is so much more fun in a group.

Too bad squeezing the bag is something you shouldn’t do.

Greg explaining how the sparge works.

Me with the complex sparge of squeezing the bag.

The Tripel.

The Dubbel.

The Quad.

Measuring out the hops.

What Mark Coogan missed, beer, Patriots, food.

The Tripel. Brew in a Bag worts always look a little funky to begin with.

Final results:

  • Quad OG 1.067
  • Tripel OG 1.069
  • Dubbel OG 1.051
  • Greg’s beer OG 1.052 (5 gallons)
  • Scott’s beer OG 1.031 (4.5 gallons)

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