Garden thoughts

The garden was disappointing this year. Some things did well, and others just horrible.

First it was the onslaught of the slugs. I couldn’t get enough beer traps in my garden to trap them all…just horrible. Devasted my cabbage, hurt the beans at first, ruined mid season kale.

Beans did awesome, should have planted more. Planted the pole beans in the wrong place, did poor. More shaded this year than it was last year.

Peas did ok. Didn’t plant a ton.

Squash did ok. More romanescos and patty pans then ever before. Not a single eight ball. tromboncino’s were not as prolific. Better than usual for green striped cushaw. Not so great acorn squash crop. Decent start to sweet meat squash then borers got in and they didn’t get a chance to grow very big. Kousas didn’t do well at all, still a blossom here or there but the fruit gets the blossom end rot.

Early kale was awesome, mid season kale was not worth picking due to slug holes. Looks like I’ll get some more good harvests late season.

Turnips look great, harvest soon.

Eggplants just now have decided to blossom…too late guys.

Cabbage is eaten all to heck. Was looking forward to homemade sauerkraut.

Gooseberry crop is just starting and it looks to be a good harvest.

Tomatoes were awesome, then the early blight hit. Looked like we were past that and tomatoes starting coming…then late blight hit.

Got some hops, pretty good for first year.

Got one small potato from the grocery store potatoes that went to seed.

Carrots don’t look to be too good. A lot of greens then just little tiny carrots.

Lettuce did great but there were a few species in the mix that were bitter. Try for some head lettuce next year.

No sunflowers again this year. I don’t get it.

Amaranth did well, didn’t plant enough though.

Chocolate mint did great for a first year planting.

Dill did very little.

Sage did very little.

Basil did alright, the early wet and lack of sun stunted them a bit. Need bigger pots next year.

Note for next year:
Slug control early and often.
Treat for blight early and often.
Plant pole beans in more sun.
Plant more beans with less dense planting. Stagger plantings.
Expand garden bed to use both sides of the trellis I built.
Spread squash plantings out more.
Plant gooseberries together in a bed with a trellis.
Treat for vine borers.
Thin kale patch out a little.


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